About St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is a supportive community in which members are richly and warmly connected to each other. We welcome all persons and are committed to serving others in Westbrook and the shoreline, working for justice and healing around us.

St. Paul’s worships with a traditional Anglican liturgy infused with silence and prayerful contemplation, a rich variety of music, and scripture-based preaching. The church has a vibrant outreach program, sponsoring numerous 12-step programs, regularly donating to the Westbrook food pantry, helping families in need around the holidays, and more. Our youth lead the way on this front: they run their own micro-financing program called Kiva which helps individuals in need set up their own self-sustaining businesses!

Our leadership includes the Rev. Nihal de Lanerolle (Missional Priest); Rick Fowler (Organist and Music Director); Sam Soroko, Dave Cahill, and Jenner Foster (Liturgical Assistants); Monique Foster and Heather Hajnal (Wardens); Chuck Hajnal (Clerk to the Vestry); Allison Clayton (Treasurer); and Heather Soroko (Coordinator).